MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish Soft Frost & Beaming Blush

Monday, 9 January 2017

MAC In The Spotlight collection launch was the most exciting highlighter launch for me. For real. Above everything else. For the brand that created the legendary Strobe Cream and have "strobed" longer than everyone else, it is a launch that makeup lovers everywhere highly anticipated.

They created 4 additional shades to the strobe cream line, and 4 new powder highlighters. The best thing of it all is, these are permanent!!! It looks like a limited edition collection because they are not "natural" highlighters. They are not just the usual gold, or champagne, shades that we have seen a bunch of times. The powder highlighters especially, are all duochrome. Upon seeing the promotional pictures I knew I HAD to have them.

I picked up two of the powder highlighters, Soft Frost and Beaming Blush. Show Gold looked too gold for me and Double Gleam is the least appealing to me out of the 4, maybe because it looked the most "natural".

Now let's talk about each shade...

Soft Frost is a white that breaks violet (via It's basically unicorn glow goodness. There's nothing natural about it except if you have very fair skin (which I LOVE!!). The finish is luminous and pearlescent. As you can see from the swatch, this one is more sheer. I don't find it to be overly stark white on the skin, although it does stand out. To be honest I had problems swatching it on my hand, but when I use a brush on my cheekbones I never have problems.

Beaming Blush is a pink that breaks gold. I didn't expect to love it as much as I do. The pink is quite warm and a little bit reddish. This one is more intense right away compared to Soft Frost. This shade is so unusual, whereas several brands have come out with violet highlighter. I love how it transforms under different angles and different lights.

Both shades are long wearing. No need to worry about losing the glow by the end of the day. I also find the shift to be quite subtle, the full on duochrome effect can only be seen under certain lighting. I really like how buildable they are, as I don't always want intense highlight. Both shades are pressed firmly into the pan, it does not feel creamy to the touch the way Becca or The Balm highlighters are. Soft Frost is more dry to the touch, but a brush picks up the product nicely and it looks smooth on the skin. They form an elegant, non glittery, uniform sheen. They reflect light beautifully. Both are easily diffused, which is what we want in a highlight with this kind of shade. I have seen girls with different skin tones wear these and I find that they look great on everyone as long as you are confident with a noticeable glow on your face. If you don't want them as intense, you can use them under blusher instead of over, so when you apply your blush the highlight will get effortlessly blended. The brush I use to apply them is Real Techniques Setting Brush. I find that this brush applies highlighters as well as blends them really well.

Overall if you are on the market to find unique highlighters these are great options in my opinion. A lot of people love them and you can give them a lot of thoughts before making the decision because they are permanent!

Much love,

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