Stylenanda 3 Concept Eyes Liquid Lip Color: Charmed and Obsessed

Thursday, 12 January 2017

I went to Style Nanda Pink Hotel in Myeongdong, and naturally I had to pick up something in their pink packaging. These liquid lip colors are a part of their newer line, so I was drawn to them immediately. They match the decoration and theme of the Pink Hotel perfectly. Out of the many options there were, I decided on Charmed and Obsessed. The reason I picked up both bold colours is because I find it super tricky to find lighter color/nude lipsticks that suit me from K-beauty brands.

These lip colors are housed in a squeeze tube with a fuzzy cushion tip with a hole where the product comes out. I love the applicator because they feel really nice on the lips. They are small and very cute! There is 8g of product inside, which I don't think is a lot. Despite the name, I find the texture to be more of a cream instead of liquid. I would categorize this as a lip cream. It reminds me of Too Faced Melted liquified lipsticks. Both shades are very smooth and pigmented, they also don't settle weird. They dry down into a lightweight layer with powdery, soft matte finish, and they also feel like powder on the lips. These aren't hydrating, but they aren't drying either, despite the powdery feel. They just sit lightly on the lips, no heavy feeling whatsoever.

I bought these not to get the full on lip look the way I wear liquid lipsticks. I use these to achieve effortless ombre lip look, where the intensity is concentrated on the center of my lips and the edges are blurry. This product fits this purpose perfectly because they are easy to control and you have time to play around with them.

What can improve from this formula is its longevity. They have the lasting power of a regular lipstick instead of the budge proof properties a liquid lipstick usually have. It will disappear once you have anything to eat or drink, despite the claim that this will last all day. Otherwise it will last you 4-5 hours, which is okay for a regular lipstick, but I expected better from this formula. Initially, they are transfer proof. If you kiss the back of your hand, it doesn't transfer. It just does not stay on the lips very long. Also, just like Too Faced Melted, they can separate inside the tube which ends up in clear oil coming out instead of the product. You can just squeeze the tube around (with the cap on, of course) to mix the formula again and the pigment will come out perfect after that.

They describe Charmed as raspberry magenta. I am in love with this shade and I have been wearing it loads since I got it. It's not too bright or neon on me, it just gives a pop of color to my look while still looking relatively natural. I think it's the most beautiful color they have in the entire line as well. Obsessed is a deep oxblood. It's the perfect shade to wear in winter. It's a gorgeous shade, and it's just as smooth and even as the other shades.

Wearing 3CE Liquid Lip Color in Charmed, taken from my IG stories the other day!
That's all from me today! I hope you are all having a wonderful week!

Much love

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