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Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Hey! How are you? I'm not even going to make excuses because I've been terrible at making blog posts. BUT, I also want to tell you that I've been dealing with things in my personal life. I'm probably going to write a life update post but not now... Ok back to better brighter things! In this post I'm going to talk about relatively new makeup discoveries for me that I have been truuuuly loving.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Light (Intensity 2.0)

If you follow my Instagram, you would know that I'm not a fan of the original Double Wear. I find it too heavy, powdery and mask-like for my liking, even for events where I need my makeup to stay perfect the entire time. I knew about the Double Wear Light from Sharon Farrell (aka one of my faves) and she made me buy it. This foundation is love at first try for me. First of all, the squeezy tube packaging is a thousand times better than its heavy glass bottle counterpart. Eventhough the shade is a little bit yellow at first, but after it sets and after I finish my makeup it looks fine. I would say it has medium coverage, but because of its liquidy texture you can definitely manipulate it by mixing it with other makeup to add coverage. If you find the original Double Wear too flat for you but you want its relatively long wearing properties you can try Double Wear Light. It is a bit satin-y and it has a sheen when you first apply it but when it sets it becomes a smooth, semi matte finish. One more thing, it does control oil. Oil controlling formulas tend to be heavy on my skin, but this one gets my approval. I usually opt for blotting throughout the day instead of looking flat matte because I don't mind my makeup looking "worn" and looking a bit shiny but I hate feeling like I'm wearing a mask all day long. This foundation gives me the best of both worlds. My skin still feels and looks like skin but I don't have to constantly check myself in the mirror every couple of hours to make sure I don't look like an oily mess. It's not as bullet proof as the original Double Wear, but I would gladly sacrifice that to let my skin breathe. I just love it so much! It has everything I need.

Morphe Brushes x Jaclyn Hill Palette

Surprise surprise. I really didn't expect to love it this much eventhough it looks soooo beautiful in pictures (which is why I bought it). I used to have one Morphe palette but I didn't like it at all and never reached out for it. Jaclyn said it's an entirely new formula and they pressed it differently. I trusted her so I got one. When it arrived I was blown away by how beautiful it is in real life. I was afraid that it would be too warm for me but I soon realized that I can work with a lot of the shades. She did the most amazing job picking out the shades! This palette is so versatile and you can DEFINITELY create a ton of looks with it. I don't know if I'm ever going to wear the reds, the blues and teals but it's fun to have them in the palette to set it apart from other neutral palettes. The 'fun' colours are still wearable so if you're into bright eyeshadow looks you are going to enjoy them. I put my quick thoughts on my Instagram so if you want to see you can peep there, but I'm going to say it again here that I find the mattes need some building up because they are not the most pigmented. I experience very little to no fallout which I'm so happy with and the shimmers pack a punch! I looove using a flat brush to pack the shimmer on my eyelids and really have them pop. I don't know what I'm going to do when I hit pan on my favourite shades as it's supposed to be limited edition :( If they suddenly make it permanent I'm not going to be mad.

Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip in Echo Park

I have tried a number of things from Colourpop and none of them were my favourites. I don't really like their highlighters and lippie stix. I didn't enjoy the cream eyeshadows. I think their ultra matte lips have the worst formula. I didn't know what to expect when I ordered two of their ultra satin lips, but wow I am pleased that Echo Park is the perfect nude shade for me. I love the colour so much and the formula is comfortable on the lips while making my lips look fuller. The stopper on my tube didn't work correctly so when I first opened it it was messy but I didn't care and still used it haha. Thank God I did because it's a pleasant surprise!

Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip Echo Park, Estee Lauder Double Wear Light Intensity 2.0

What makeup products have you been loving?

Much love,

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